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I started my leo journey with the hope to utilize my leisure time and serve others . I was totally unaware and I didn’t have much experience of such an amazing platform.With the flow of time and it’s environment Leo taught me to be socially responsible and morally upright. Starting from social networking , I have been able to develop personal relationships . For those curious to know about the Leo Club of Kathmandu Regency , if social serving is your cup of tea then this might be the perfect platform where you can bring out your plans into action followed by the helpful hands along with the team spirit .
Rajendra Ghimere
Immediate past president LY 2020/21
When I joined LEO club, my main motive was to be social while also serving those in need. Initially, I limited interactions and kept my ideas to myself, afraid that someone might laugh or shake their head uncomprehendingly. Gradually, I mustered up the courage and took on logistical roles, the behind-the-scenes tasks; I sometimes stayed up till midnight on schooldays to design banners. People appreciated my efforts and provided constructive criticism, which further encouraged me. The more I got involved, the more LEO became an indispensable part of me. The club turned into my haven, and my role there, a means of self-expression.

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